Frequently Asked Questions

What products do we offer?
Our main products are Premium #2 Heating Oil, K1 Kerosene, Diesel Fuel, Gasoline, and HD5 Propane.  Propane tanks and home heating oil tanks available.

How do you place an order?The best is to call us, 800-572-4925, or 570-386-4151. You can also order online or fax us your order, 570-386-4179.How can you pay?
Cash, Check, Fegley Credit as well as our Budget Payment Plan. Preferred major credit cards are MasterCard and Discover Card.

Pre-Buy Plans?
Fegley’s pre-buys a limited amount of heating oil and propane from suppliers at a set price for delivery during the winter season. In turn we can sell it for a set price, give us a call since details change rapidly.

What is Automatic/WatchDog Delivery Service?

Rather than you watching the guage on your fuel tank, a computer program will track your usage and tell us when to deliver. Fegley’s backs it up with a 24 hour a day run out guarantee. Propane customers have the option of wireless monitoring system. Call for details.

When do I need Anti-Sludge Additive?

You may need additive if you get excessive sludge buildup in your heating oil tank. Condensation in your oil tank accumulates over years, a type of bacteria/algae grows and dies creating a sludge buildup at the bottom of most tanks. If you suspect a problem, give us a call for more information.    *Since 2013- , all Fegley’s heating oil is now treated to combat the buildup of sludge. Continued use of our heating oil will keep most sludge in check.

When should I use K1 Kerosene?
All outside tanks, we recommend kerosene because it will not gel as readily in cold weather. (also available for pickup at our Tamaqua Mini Mart)

Is dyed kerosene safe to use?
Informally we are told the dye makes no difference, but the manufacturers will not formally make this claim. Manufacturers state as always, portable kerosene heaters should only be used in a ventilated area. So please use discretion when using in a closed area. Un-dyed Clear Kerosene is available at the pump at our Tamaqua Mini Mart.

I have an outside tank, what fuel should I use?
K1 Kerosene is recommended over Heating Oil because of its low gel point for cold weather, however Heating Oil with a Anti-Gel additive is an option. We strongly suggest K1 Kerosene.

Who do I call if my furnace is not working?
Call our 800-572-4925 or 570-386-4151 phone numbers, operators are always on call.

What are your hours?
Normal office hours are 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday though Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 12 p.m. Saturdays.

What brand furnace do you carry?
ThermoDynamics is our main supplier, but other brands such as Peerless, Utica, New Yorker, Burnham as well as others are available. EFM by order.

What is a Budget Plan?

Want to save .05¢ per gallon? Budget plan customers receive an instant .05¢ per gallon discount on each delivery. Fegley’s takes your projected usage and averages it over a 10 month period, you actually start paying on the budget in Spring, call for more details. *This can be started late as long as missed months are paid up to date.

How do I know when I need my furnace cleaned?
Fegley’s recommends you have your furnace cleaned annually.

Do you have Specials/Discounts?

Yes, every season clean and service specials are run for your furnace cleaning. Heating Oil discounts are given to large deliveries and institutions such as churches, schools, etc… Call for details.

Is Valero gasoline really better than Un-Branded and why does it cost more?

All-American Valero gasoline (www.Valero.com is an All-American company based in San Antonio, Texas) has additives to help keep your engine cleaner and run more efficiently. Valero is a Top Tier gasoline www.toptier.com . The additional additives cost more, hence, the greater cost. There is a difference! Valero uses all American Crude oil.

What do you do during a furnace clean and service?

Tune up includes: disassemble and inspect the inside of the furnace, then thoroughly clean and dislodge any soot in the fire chamber, smoke pipe, and gun assembly. Replace the spray nozzle, oil filter, fuel pump strainer and reassemble the unit. Our technicians also will check the efficiency, conduct a smoke test, temperature test, and do a visual inspection of your storage tank.

How much would it cost to replace my furnace and/or oil tank?

The cost varies greatly with the unit size and labor involved to change it. Fegley’s offers free estimates with no obligations. Hot water oil furnace replacement on average is $4000-$8000. Oil tank prices again vary greatly because of labor removing the old tank, but average tank replacements are running $1000-$1500.

What material and size fuel storage tank fill / vent pipe is required?

Standard fuel oil storage tanks must have black iron steel pipe (no plastic) for both the fill pipe and the vent pipe. In accordance with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) code, no vent pipe should be smaller than the tank’s largest fill or withdrawl connection to the tank. Likewise, no vent pipe should ever be less than 1 1/4 inches in diameter.  Owners of all plastic piped systems and systems piped with 1″ or smaller lines can not be filled. If you are in doubt of your tanks or piping, please give us a call and we will be glad to check the system for you at no cost.

PA HIC#: PA025603

  • - 50-99 gal. $
  • - 100-149 gal. $
  • - 150-299 gal. $
  • - 300-499 gal. $
  • - 500-999 gal. $
  • - 1000-1249 gal. $
  • - 1250+ gal. $

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